We are thrilled to announce that Divesangha is now a sponsor of Friends for Sharks.


We would like to express our deepest thanks to the Divesangha team for being so supportive of this venture. This partnership means a great deal to us and we are delighted to be working together. Did you know the word “sangha” means “association” or “community” in Pali and Sanskrit? These are two of the most ancient languages on the planet.


“A sangha hints at something deeper than just a group of people having something in common, it expresses something of the unique and uniting harmony divers experience with nature in the marine environment.”


We absolutely love the ethos of this company. All of their products are manufactured ethically and locally within the UK, they do not use any plastic bags in their packaging and they ensure they are responsible consumers. They also have a number of ambassadors who are a Sangha of enlightened individuals that are true advocates for the Earth, the Sea and their creatures. All Divesangha surface gear features an original hanging system (Hung Dry) that allows the wearer to hang these clothes around a pole or a line. No pegs, no markings, no risk that the wind will blow them away.


Their clothing has clearly been designed with divers’ needs and the environment in mind.




It goes without saying that we are somewhat besotted with their shark t-shirt…





Be sure to enjoy their full range of clothing on the Divesangha website and stock up for the coming season of diving.