Top Tips for Safe Shark Dives

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Top Tips for Safe Shark Dives

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A US tourist recently died following a shark incident at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The incident at Cocos Island is thought to be the fifth confirmed, unprovoked shark attack in Costa Rica in the last 400 years. There were 84 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks worldwide on humans in 2016, according to the International Shark Attack File.

Scuba diving trips to Cocos Island are currently continuing as normal and the well-known Aggressor fleet has not changed their liveaboard itineraries in the area. At present, only the Manuelita dive site is closed until further notice.

Diving with sharks continues to be popular and a highly sought-after activity at premier dive destinations around the globe. Whilst the risk of injury during shark dives is incredibly small, there are some precautions divers, and those new to swimming with sharks, can take for enjoyable and safe shark dives.

In this article for, featured on, I discuss Top Tips for Safe Shark Dives:

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Kathryn Hodgson was born in England in 1979. She has lived in the UK, Egypt, South Africa and New Zealand and is a trained scuba diving instructor and Great White shark safari guide. She is the author of No Damage (December 2014), the Managing Editor of The Scuba News New Zealand, a freelance writer, public speaker and co-founder of the marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks (August 2014). In 2015 she organised and completed a 10-month global speaking tour in aid of shark conservation: 87 events, 8 countries, 7000 people.

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