This is such an applicable motto for our work on tour next year and it comes to us thanks to our new Friends for Sharks sponsor, Steve Prior. We are absolutely delighted to announce this sponsorship and would like to extend a sincere thank you for this support.


Steve Prior is a PADI Platinum Course Director and has a wealth of experience of teaching people to become PADI professionals. He has a passion for psychology and understanding how different people learn, which means his courses are tailored to each of his students and provide a unique learning experience. His motto “Don’t teach courses – teach People!” is present in every aspect of his work and he provides fantastic training on confidence building, motivation and communication skills. Most importantly, his teaching style ensures every PADI Dive Master and Instructor Development Course (IDC) with him is fun.


I became a PADI professional under the guidance of Steve and his wife Janet and it was a life changing experience for me. I had listened to divers’ tales about the Dive Master and IDC courses and expected them to be exhausting, a mine-field of confusing dive physics and serious in nature – certainly not a place for laughter or fun. My preconceptions couldn’t have been more wrong. The beauty of learning with Steve and Janet is that everything makes sense. They have a way of ensuring even the most physics averse diver can understand and learn to enjoy Dive Master theory. They are experienced at handling fears and apprehension (I was terrified of mask removal to the point of panic) and every single day of learning with them was exciting and, here comes that word again, fun.


I have never laughed so much and I have never learned so much as I did during my Dive Master and IDC with Steve Prior.


It goes without saying that, in my opinion, there is only one team to train with if you wish to become a PADI Professional and that is Steve and Janet.

They are a one-of-a-kind team and we are proud to announce they are supporting Friends for Sharks.


For further information about Steve Prior please look at the website below. It contains a wealth of information about his courses (including distance learning options). Be sure to also enjoy the Steve Prior You Tube channel. It contains must watch videos about Dive Master skills circuits, dive theory and IDC specific training. They are applicable to PADI professionals in training and also those wishing to improve and review their knowledge.


Steve Prior