World Tour for Sharks – The End!

So, this is it. We made it to the finish line and our World Tour for Sharks is officially over.

Complete. Done.

How is it possible that we even made it to this point? Mostly in one piece I would like to add; with just two hospital visits, two broken laptops, two broken cameras, four back injury […]

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Poms Away!

I have been featured in ‘Poms Away! A British Immigrant’s View of New Zealand’ this week, with a guest blog post. Read on to find out what it is about living in New Zealand that has left a lasting impression with us. It won’t be the things you’d expect!



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No Damage

We are branching out this festive season with the release of an book called No Damage. This book is by one half of Friends for Sharks, Kathryn Hodgson, and it charts the tumultuous years in her life that led to the creation of Friends for Sharks.

 This is the true story of a woman on the […]

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Positivity is Everything

I simply want to share this article today about a surfer who was recently bitten by a shark. What an incredible attitude to have! The article is definitely one to read and be inspired by her positivity towards the oceans and sharks.


I hope we can inspire people to have such positive attitudes towards sharks and […]

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New clothing range launched

It has been a fantastic week at HQ and we have been working behind the scenes on fundraising and events all week. We have been arranging talks in Vancouver and the Cook Islands and have been delighted with people’s interest in our cause. Thank you to the people of Vancouver and Rarotonga for being so […]

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