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Auckland Week One Done!

It has been a busy week of events in Auckland and we’ve really enjoyed presenting at dive clubs, Auckland Zoo and at a home school event.

Our first lecture was for Global Dive and this was a great start to our time in Auckland. We then went on to present for Auckland Zoo’s Friends of the […]

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Fundraising Raffle Success

Our fundraising raffle was a huge success and we have raised £300! This brings our grand total to £4803!

We are absolutely thrilled to have raised this much money towards shark conservation and our World Tour for Sharks. These funds will provide essential support for our marine educational events for adults and children around the globe […]

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Friends for Sharks Calendar of Events

We have been away from our desks recently visiting family/friends and collecting some of our fundraising raffle prizes from local businesses in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We are very grateful to the businesses that are supporting our cause and it was a pleasure to meet and thank each business in person. We are back in Cornwall for […]

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Just keep swimming

The last week has mostly been spent trying to get my head around the concept of ‘charity’ and exactly how it is defined. That may seem like a time consuming, pointless venture for someone who is working all hours to make this cause a success but it turns out I should have given the word […]

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Freezing Swim for Sharks

So what are you up to Nicholas?


I ‘m doing a sponsored swim for sharks but it’s not your usual type of swim…


Okay. So why is your swim any different to others?


I’ll be swimming in shorts, a rash vest and diving hood


Why is that unusual?


I will be swimming on New Year’s day……in Padstow Harbour, England.


Oh. I […]

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The Fun in Fundraising

It is a busy time for us at Friends for Sharks as we begin the task of approaching people in New Zealand to book events with us. This is perhaps the most significant part of our tour, given we will be spending six months in New Zealand. We wanted to choose one country during our […]

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Friends for Sharks Promo Video & Fundraising Now Live!

It has been a busy and exciting weekend here at HQ! We have been working long hours with plenty of tea and homemade chocolate cake to keep us going. The result is we have launched our promo video online.

Please take a moment to watch our short video here.

You will get to know who we are […]

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