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Hello from the top of New Zealand!

I had been really looking forward to visiting Northland after a cold winter travelling throughout New Zealand and it was as beautiful, warm and scenic as we had both hoped for. Our first stop was Tutukaka for a dive centre lecture at Dive Tutukaka. The event went well despite a technical hitch at the start […]

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West Coast Wanderings

After a wonderful time exploring the Coromandel Peninsula, we visited the west coast of the north island for a public event at Raglan. Raglan is a well known surf spot in New Zealand and, despite it having been a blustery winter week, there were people enjoying the surf at the local beaches. We stayed at […]

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Coromandel Sunshine

I am tempted to just let the photographs speak for themselves in this blog and not write any words….as the scenery we have encountered recently was very beautiful. A real reminder of the art that can be found in nature and how much we love being by the ocean!

After my antibiotic allergic reaction to metal […]

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Hold It!

Hold it…your breath that is.

Today I would like to share our favourite travelling game, The Breath Hold game. It is quite straightforward – you hold you breath whilst crossing any bridge. Simple and yet strangely addictive when you drive as many roads as we do.

We were introduced to this game by one of the employess […]

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Top 15 Alternative Places to Shout ‘View!’ in NZ

Our third guest article has been for Not Australia with our article Top 15 Alternative Places to Shout ‘View!’ in New Zealand. We really enjoyed revisiting our highlights of Aotearoa and it certainly reminded us of why we have applied for residency in New Zealand.


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Highs, Lows and Campervan Laughter

We have been featured in with our article Highs, Lows and Campervan Laughter. I hope you enjoy this insight into our six month tour of New Zealand with Wendekreisen Travel Ltd.


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Poms Away!

I have been featured in ‘Poms Away! A British Immigrant’s View of New Zealand’ this week, with a guest blog post. Read on to find out what it is about living in New Zealand that has left a lasting impression with us. It won’t be the things you’d expect!



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Shark conservation & puppy love

Onwards we went from Wellington to Palmerston North and Napier, where we gave lectures for Massey University/Palmerston North City library, a Ryman’s retirement village and participated in a shark-themed day with Napier’s Earth Guardians. Whilst the events all went well, our week didn’t go especially smoothly as we were both struck down with a dreadful […]

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It is with much gratitude and excitement that we would like to introduce you to our new campervan…Bertha!

We were sad to say goodbye to our Shark Mobile, who has accompanied us on many adventures in the South Island without complaint or mishap. We were also excited and very grateful for Wendekreisen Travel Ltd’s kind offer […]

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Exploring the North of the South

After our busy schedule of events in Nelson, we decided it was time to take a week off and explore the remaining northern parts of the South Island that we had yet to visit. It is hard to believe that we have already spent three months travelling New Zealand and our week off was planned […]

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