Mangrove Matters

When it comes to scuba diving it is hard to beat exploring colourful tropical reefs, history-filled wrecks, sun-dappled kelp forests and foreboding caves. Every scuba diver has their favourite type of diving but what of mangroves? What diving opportunities are there within mangroves and why should we care about these dwindling and vital forests?

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Working for Cambodia

We spent 3 weeks with Projects Abroad in Cambodia and while they have had a marine conservation project in the region for a number of years, the current operation on Koh Sdach has only been running for a year. It takes a while for any such organisation to find its feet in a culture that […]

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Taking the message to town

The constant high heat and humidity can’t stop this awesome group of volunteers and staff at Projects Abroad Koh Sdach, Cambodia!

The high temperatures make working very difficult when the wind refuses to blow across our island or when we are torn away from our beloved electric fans. It is those days that the true character […]

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Surveying Fiji

Whilst we have now been at the Projects Abroad Marine Project in Cambodia for a week, the loss of our laptops to hardware failure have delayed some of our blogs. Here is the last one from Fiji:

As discussed in the ‘Meet BRUV!’ blog, part of the role of a volunteer with Projects Abroad in Fiji […]

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Plastic Fantastic??

Our first few days on the remote island of Koh Sdach off the coast of Cambodia have been very interesting and insightful. We travelled many hours in a local and crowded minibus to reach this area, which is not often frequented by overseas visitors other than the volunteers and staff at the Projects Abroad base […]

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Meet BRUV!

What at first glance might look a bit like an enormous shiny spider crab is actually a growing phenomenon in underwater species distribution research. BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video and they’re being deployed in various locations around the globe for a number of research projects. Here in Fiji, Projects Abroad are using them […]

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Helping Change the View of Sharks

We were recently interviewed by PADI Pros Oceania about our work and current World Tour for Sharks. Read on to discover what we believe are the top misconceptions of sharks, the aspects of our tour that have surprised us and the most important question…

10. Would you do it again?

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SEALIFE Melbourne: Meet Pinjarra!

Our Evening with Friends for Sharks event at SEA LIFE Aquarium in Melbourne was a highlight of our time in Australia. Before our talk we had a chance to explore the aquarium exhibits and spent plenty of time admiring the sharks and rays in the shark tank and tunnel. It is the best shark display […]

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Auckland Week One Done!

It has been a busy week of events in Auckland and we’ve really enjoyed presenting at dive clubs, Auckland Zoo and at a home school event.

Our first lecture was for Global Dive and this was a great start to our time in Auckland. We then went on to present for Auckland Zoo’s Friends of the […]

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Diving the Poor Knights

Our 66th Friends for Sharks event was at Dive! Tutukaka. They very generously offered to give us a day diving at New Zealand’s premier diving destination, the Poor Knights. This small cluster of islands sits approximately 15 miles (24 km) North East of Tutukaka in New Zealand’s Northland. The team at Dive! is extremely friendly, […]

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