Fin Fighters UK

Fin Fighters UKFin Fighters are a UK based shark and marine conservation organisation dedicated to ending the sale, consumption and distribution of shark fin in the UK by 2023. Their objective is to mobilise and empower local communities to end the destruction and slaughter of habitat and species in the world’s oceans through education, conservation and action.

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WiseOceans is a global marine conservation and education company that employs three core strategies, striving towards a global future with healthier oceans:

WiseOceansWiseOceans educate: With their world-class ocean outreach activities WiseOceans is uniquely placed to inspire interest and excitement in the oceans, leading to an increased desire to protect them, and subsequently healthier seas.

WiseOceans conserves: When based at resorts WiseOceans conduct research and monitoring for their host countries.  Additionally their innovative restoration projects make a real difference to the conservation of the oceans. Coral nurseries, mangrove restoration and scientific research projects are all tailor-made to have a positive impact on their environment.

WiseOceans involves: Through an extensive website WiseOceans provides a wealth of information including a section dedicated to marine conservation work opportunities helping guide those wishing to work within the marine conservation field.  Additionally the success of WiseOceans’ programmes in luxury resorts where their Marine Educators share their passion for the oceans and help guests and staff to feel the same proves WiseOceans’ expertise in getting people into and in love with the sea.

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Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad logoProjects Abroad began in 1992 when Peter Slowe, a Geography Professor, was approached by his students for the chance to travel abroad and gain work experience. Now, with over 600 trained staff in our destinations, and offering over 100 generic placements and a wide choice within these placements, we are now the world’s leading overseas volunteering and gap-year organisation

We help to create local employment wherever we send volunteers. We employ many people directly and provide plenty of work indirectly through the services we provide for volunteers.

Having so many colleagues around the world means that we have an extensive network of local knowledge, enabling us to channel the skills of our volunteers to places they are really needed.
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