It is with much gratitude and excitement that we would like to introduce you to our new campervan…Bertha!

We were sad to say goodbye to our Shark Mobile, who has accompanied us on many adventures in the South Island without complaint or mishap. We were also excited and very grateful for Wendekreisen Travel Ltd’s kind offer of an upgrade for the winter months in New Zealand. We couldn’t have wished for such a wonderful offer and know it will make a huge difference to our welfare in the cold months.

Bertha is quite frankly stunning. She is very spacious, the storage system is easy and logical and she comes with gas central heating that can be used even as we sleep. The heating will be a perfect addition during the cold nights and the extra storage space is very useful. Bertha also has a shower, toilet and a beautiful green interior. I can confirm that she is also easy to drive and economical with fuel.



We would like to take a moment to extend a huge thank you to Wendekreisen Travel Ltd for supporting us continually during our time in New Zealand.

We couldn’t do this tour without you…Thank you!