We are branching out this festive season with the release of an book called No Damage. This book is by one half of Friends for Sharks, Kathryn Hodgson, and it charts the tumultuous years in her life that led to the creation of Friends for Sharks.


 This is the true story of a woman on the eve of turning thirty who seemingly had it all, with a successful career and home life, until her first fiancé left her at the almost-altar one Christmas and her life began to spiral out of control. This is the hilarious, brutally honest and uplifting story of one woman’s journey to survive having TWO runaway grooms whilst coping with cancer, internet dating as a thirty year old hairy legged novice and her ridiculous, enormous dogs. This is the story of turning a broken life into something brilliant.


In spite of everything that happened during those years (how many people do you know that were left at the almost-altar twice and also had a brief stint in a South African prison?), it is a funny and uplifting look at life that promises to inspire the reader. Since its release last week, the book has had fantastic reviews and it is selling in the US, UK, Australia and beyond. It is Kathryn’s dream in life that No Damage will reach those that are in need of laughter, encouragement and a reason to keep on smiling this festive season. Help us make this dream a reality by sharing this fantastic story with your friends and family and enjoy!


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‘A beautifully written book. Fascinating in its honesty, gripping in its drama, entertaining in it’s humor and inspiring in its thought provoking analyses of the difficult situations faced by the author in some turbulent years of her life. I challenge anyone to read this book without laughing out loud and shedding some tears.’



‘I couldn’t put this book down. The writing is so honest, with such sense of humour. I laughed and cried all the way through. Highly recommend’.



‘I’m only on page 15 of No Damage by KA Hodgson and I get the feeling that after reading the whole book it will change my perception on life. Incredible book, well worth a read (available on Amazon)’

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No Damage K A Hodgson