Happy Monday all and I hope you are having a super start to the week. Have you checked out this Blue shark video yet to get your week going with a smile? It really is worth a watch here. There is nothing like a happy wriggling blue shark to raise a smile!


We are beginning to contact businesses for sponsorship today. It’s looking really positive and we have all fins and fingers crossed we can get people involved in Friends for Sharks. Please share our cause with anyone you think may be interested in being aboard our shark-shaped ship as we set sail into the future. It is very important to us that we work with and help others trying to stand on their own two feet to make a positive change in this world.


Do you know of a small business that would be interested in being promoted by us on our World Tour 2015? Perhaps a tourism business, a dive club or anyone with a passion for sharks and the oceans? Please contact us if you do and let’s see what we can do for each other.



Our Itinerary

Our World Tour Itinerary



There have been plenty of shark stories in the news over the weekend and I saw this article Finned Sand Tiger Shark that survived a Human Attack, which was brief but interesting. It is tragic that the shark suffered being finned in the first place and I can only hope if this becomes a widespread story it is used to highlight the horrific trade of finning and NOT as an excuse to say ‘oh well the sharks survive anyway’.


This article has also surfaced over the weekend Massive shark photographed swimming near surfers at Killacare on the Central Coast. It certainly looks to be a large shark, the tone of the article suggests it is something to fear, yet the photograph clearly shows a number of surfers and the shark co-existing without any problems….


Coconut Shark


The white sharks here in False Bay, South Africa are heading back to the beaches for the spring/summer in order to feed on smaller shark species and fish species that the warmer waters start bringing into the bay at this time of year. As this is happening we are seeing more Tweets from the Shark Spotters, who alert bathers to the presence of a shark close to shore. Please follow their tweets if you are local to the area and an ocean user @SharkSpotters. The spotters do a fantastic job and more can be read about their innovative work here. In their words:


“The Shark Spotting Programme is the only program of its kind in the world. It attempts to balance the needs of both people and white shark conservation by pro-actively reducing the interaction and conflict between recreational water users and sharks”


Also, can you spare a moment to help Support Our Sharks? They are in need of shark photographs for one of their projects. More info can be found here.

Finally, it is a big day for me….I am hoping to go for a swim in the ocean today for the first time since injuring my back three months ago. It is a HUGE step forward for me as I begin to get more mobile. I can’t wait to be in the water! Fins Up!


Under the ocean

Have a great day all