Today we would like to share some words by one of our sponsors; the awesome team at Dive Sangha. It’s time to settle down with a cuppa and read about their encounters with sharks that behaved like kittens and what their hopes are for the future of the oceans. Be sure to also check out their range of beautiful clothing for divers and oceans lovers at


Tell us a little about your business. How would you describe it in less than fifty words?

Uniquely designed, ethically made clothing solutions for divers and people who love the ocean.

Spreading love for all things diving and sharing our passion for the sea and its creatures, our aim is to unite divers into a community of like-minded people through our stylish sportswear.




Do you have any exciting projects on the horizon?

We are always planning, designing and of course – dreaming.


How did you get to where you are today?

It’s all about being passionate about something, working really hard to see it through against all odds and having the courage to take risks.


What inspires and motivates you?

We are inspired and motivated by the possibility to make a tiny difference in this world by doing things our way, refusing to accept the usual compromises and staying true to our values.


Why did you choose to support Friends for Sharks?

Not many people can devote some real time to be true “shark advocates” and there is tonnes of work to be done to get people to know them and love them. It takes quite a bit of courage to step into this arena, so we admire Kathryn and Nicholas for their choice.


Do you have any shark encounters you would like to share with us?

We have been fortunate enough to dive the waters of Cocos Island twice, getting up & close with Tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, Silky sharks and of course lots of Blacktip sharks. The most memorable experience was lying on a sandy patch on a night dive, being surrounded by hundreds of baby Blacktips attracted to our lights. They were almost head-butting us like playful kittens!


What is your hope for the future of the oceans?

We hope to see all people becoming more informed and aware of how important our oceans are and making responsible choices (think about what you eat, think about not going to see those cute dolphins performing). We also believe in the power of the ocean and the power of life. So the hope is that the ocean, at some point, will send us a strong signal that simply “enough is enough” and leave us no choice but to back off…