The staff and volunteers at Projects Abroad undertake valuable community-based conservation work and we have really enjoyed our time participating in this aspect of the Fiji project. It has been such a pleasure to enjoy the company of the volunteers, staff and local Fijians – who are very warm and welcoming.

We visited a local school to assist with a fundraising day last week, which had been planned to raise much-needed funds for a new school netball court. The volunteers helped bake huge and colourful cakes for sale at the school and we helped at the school by providing various games for the children attending. The games included apple bobbing with forks, lemon and spoon races, three-legged races, face painting, hula hoop competitions and much more. The families that attended purchased tickets for the games and prizes were awarded at the end of the day for those children that had won the most races. It was great fun watching the children running around and sliding in the mud, which they of course loved, and the adults enjoying some freshly baked cakes. The school principal attended and she was thrilled with everyone’s efforts and there was also an anti-bullying message shared with the children during the day.

All in all it was a successful day and one we were very glad to be a part of. Not only did we help raise funds for the school but we also helped raise the public’s awareness of the great action being taken by all at Projects Abroad.