This footage of one great white shark biting another at the Neptune Islands is definitely worth a watch! It is quite different to the previous footage that involved two different white sharks supposedly biting one another in baited conditions. The link to that footage and our blog about it can be found here.

It is clear from the latest footage that one shark did bite the other quite purposefully and, as far as we know, it was not under baited conditions – so there was no competition for food creating that response. The sharks were interacting naturally and the shark that bit the other was, in our opinion, displaying its dominance. In effect it was a warning bite to inform the other shark to back down.

My initial question is what was the dominant shark coveting? Evidently something in the environment or in the other shark’s behaviour had caused it to react with a bite. What that was remains a mystery.

On an entirely different note and for those interested, the WWF Living Planet Report 2014 can be downloaded here. It promises to be a informative read about the state of the planet.

Have a great start to the week!