The people of New Zealand have been incredibly supportive of our work and upcoming tour of both the North and South Islands and we have booked a number of events with various audiences; all of which we are really looking forward to. Just days ago we announced our partnership with a family-run New Zealand business Wendekreisen Travel Ltd. We are very pleased (and a little relieved!) to know we have a home within New Zealand for the duration of our stay, thanks to Wendekreisen’s generosity.


The Kiwis have yet again shown their support and it is my pleasure to announce we are now sponsored by YHA New Zealand. The Youth Hostels Association of New Zealand is a registered charitable organisation that manages 17 hostels, and has partner agreements with 30 independently owned hostels. Their network throughout both North and South Islands not only supports and facilitates travel within New Zealand but also promotes knowledge and understanding through social interaction within the hostels’ communal and recreational areas. They also strive to actively educate guests and are committed to environmental sustainability.


YHA Logo


 YHA New Zealand’s Mission

To deliver services to members which enrich their understanding of others and the environment by providing quality accommodation and travel experiences.



YHA Hostel


YHA New Zealand has sponsored us by providing free Internet access and laundry facilities at each of their hostels and by also gifting us YHA membership. Access to both the Internet and laundry facilities is extremely important to us during our tour and will allow us to complete our daily work whilst also being presentable for our events. We would like to extend a huge thank you to YHA New Zealand for their support and look forward to sharing our adventures at their hostels with you throughout our tour.

YHA New Zealand