So what are you up to Nicholas?


I ‘m doing a sponsored swim for sharks but it’s not your usual type of swim…


Okay. So why is your swim any different to others?


I’ll be swimming in shorts, a rash vest and diving hood


Why is that unusual?


I will be swimming on New Year’s day……in Padstow Harbour, England.


Oh. I see. That sounds freezing!


Yeah, just a little bit. The average water temperature at that time of year is 9-10C. I can’t believe I am doing this!


So why exactly are you doing this?


Kathryn and I have given up our paid work to set up a marine conservation cause called Friends for Sharks this year. We are organising and undertaking a World Tour in 2015 to visit a number of countries and give free educational talks about our experiences and work with sharks, the threats they face and marine conservation issues. It is a huge task and we are arranging talks and other events with a wide variety of audiences in each country, such as aquariums, schools, conservation organisations, scuba diving centres and community groups. During our tour we hope to raise money for The Shark Trust and Project AWARE and to inspire others to take action to protect the oceans.


We are paying for our international flights throughout the tour and offering all of our events free of charge. I am doing this to help us raise funds to cover our essential tour costs such as basic food, educational material production and local transport. This will allow us to reach our audiences and voluntary work destinations. This is not for profit and, if all costs are met, 100% of any further money received will go directly to the nominated charities. Check out our website for the full details.


That sounds amazing! How can I help you?


All I ask is a promise of a donation per distance (100m would seem simple) I cover. Just comment on our Facebook post here with your name and pledge. Alternatively, send us an e-mail to or reply on Twitter with your name, preferred contact method and the amount you’re pledging. Please give generously and support me as this is going to be horribly cold and I need encouragement to keep going. Every little helps so even if you’re just offering 10p per 100m it all adds up! I will contact people to collect donations once the event has been concluded.


Your work sounds fantastic. How can I donate more?


Please see our fundraising page at We have given up our careers to do this, we are not getting paid and it is all for the benefit of sharks and oceans. Please spread the word and thanks for your support!