Friends for Sharks are undertaking a world tour for 2015, during which we will visit a number of countries and give educational and inspiring talks about our experiences and work with sharks, the threats they face and marine conservation issues. We aim to provide events for a wide variety of audiences in each country, such as aquariums, schools, conservation organisations, scuba diving centres and community groups. During our tour we hope to raise money for our two nominated charities.

We are paying for our international flights throughout the tour and are offering our events free of charge. We will be working very hard during this tour to provide fun, educational events for all age groups and aim to inspire as many people as possible through our work. We are fundraising and seeking sponsorship to help us cover our essential tour costs such as food, educational material production and local transport. This will allow us to reach our audiences and voluntary work destinations. This is not for profit and, if all costs are met, 100% of any further money received will go directly to the nominated charities.

Voluntary work will be undertaken throughout the tour with global initiatives such as WorkAway. The WorkAway hosts request 4-5 hours of work per day in exchange for food and board. By undertaking this in addition to our Friends for Sharks events we will keep our tour costs to an absolute minimum, resulting in more of the money we fundraise going directly to our nominated charities. We aim to complete voluntary work at orphanages, schools, eco-projects and for families requiring assistance.


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Once the tour begins we will be adding an interactive map to the Friends for Sharks website so you can see exactly where we are and where we have been.


For more information about the World Tour please do not hesitate to contact us