World Tour for Sharks – The End!

So, this is it. We made it to the finish line and our World Tour for Sharks is officially over.

Complete. Done.

How is it possible that we even made it to this point? Mostly in one piece I would like to add; with just two hospital visits, two broken laptops, two broken cameras, four back injury […]

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Visiting Vancouver

As you may be aware from my earlier blog on our Vancouver events, our week in Canada did not run entirely smoothly. However, we still managed to thoroughly enjoy our time in this city of which we had heard nothing but good things from anyone we know who’s visited.

Our arrival began well enough, with a […]

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It never rains, but it pours.

We arrived in Vancouver during what is usually the rainy season but have been blessed with nearly uninterrupted sunshine. This is not to say that the first international stop on our Tour has gone entirely smoothly. I managed to slip and cut my elbow fairly badly on the first day though at a cost of […]

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London Events Success

We are in the City of London this week providing a variety of shark conservation events for adults and children. We started off with a lecture for the London School of Diving and then spent a day providing shark art for children and adults at SEA LIFE London Aquarium. Both events were great fun, we […]

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