Mangrove Matters

When it comes to scuba diving it is hard to beat exploring colourful tropical reefs, history-filled wrecks, sun-dappled kelp forests and foreboding caves. Every scuba diver has their favourite type of diving but what of mangroves? What diving opportunities are there within mangroves and why should we care about these dwindling and vital forests?

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Projects in Thailand

The last stop on our World Tour for Sharks was Thailand. Again we were working alongside Projects Abroad and from their site near Ao Nang we had easy access to diving, beaches and the nearby town of Krabi for school work and Mangrove projects.

We’ve explained the importance of Mangroves in a previous blog. Interestingly, unlike […]

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Projects Abroad Mangrove Reforestation

Our second community action day with Projects Abroad Fiji involved mangrove reforestation at a local riverbank. The staff and volunteers of Projects Abroad have been busy growing mangrove propagules in recent weeks and they were ready for planting in the wild during our time in Fiji. I have already discussed the importance of mangroves for […]

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Mangroves: The roots of the sea

We have been settling into life at Projects Abroad in Pacific Harbour, Fiji and enjoyed a workshop on the importance of mangroves.
Did you know that three quarters of all tropical fish species are born within mangroves?
Mangrove habitats are crucial for shelter and provide nurseries for various shark and fish species. The mangroves of Fiji are […]

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