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Dive Site: Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

Looking for a world class shark dive this year? Look no further than Beqa Lagoon, Fiji and enjoy my recent article for Scuba Diver Life.

My heart pounded as the choppy ocean slapped me in the face repeatedly and my mask fogged up like a coastal winter’s day in Cornwall. I was kicking like crazy as the […]

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Meet BRUV!

What at first glance might look a bit like an enormous shiny spider crab is actually a growing phenomenon in underwater species distribution research. BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video and they’re being deployed in various locations around the globe for a number of research projects. Here in Fiji, Projects Abroad are using them […]

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Mangroves: The roots of the sea

We have been settling into life at Projects Abroad in Pacific Harbour, Fiji and enjoyed a workshop on the importance of mangroves.
Did you know that three quarters of all tropical fish species are born within mangroves?
Mangrove habitats are crucial for shelter and provide nurseries for various shark and fish species. The mangroves of Fiji are […]

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