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Top Tips for Safe Shark Dives

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A US tourist recently died following a shark incident at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The incident at Cocos Island is thought to be the fifth confirmed, unprovoked shark attack in Costa Rica in the last 400 years. There were 84 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks worldwide on humans in 2016, according to […]

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Shark Diving for Novices

There are many types of dive at the top of peoples’ bucket lists and diving with sharks is surely one of them. There is something incredibly life-affirming about spending time in the water with these apex predators and many divers long to experience shark diving at least once in their lifetime. There are shark trips […]

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Cool Scuba Jobs: Great White Shark Guide

There are a lot of cool scuba jobs out there, and one of the coolest is a great white shark guide. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a shark guide, or just how to find a reputable operator, look no further than my latest article for Scuba Diver Life:

Cool Scuba Jobs: Great White Shark Guide

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Mangrove Matters

When it comes to scuba diving it is hard to beat exploring colourful tropical reefs, history-filled wrecks, sun-dappled kelp forests and foreboding caves. Every scuba diver has their favourite type of diving but what of mangroves? What diving opportunities are there within mangroves and why should we care about these dwindling and vital forests?

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Rainforests of the Ocean

We have enjoyed another fantastic day on the tropical island of Koh Sdach with Projects Abroad, Cambodia. We spent the morning diving a nearby island with the volunteers, during which we focused on assisting a volunteer with her photography skills and Nicholas also removed some netting from a coral. The other volunteers were busy conducting […]

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