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Where to Cage Dive with Sharks

‘Great white sharks first appeared around 11 million years ago and can be found around the globe in temperate to subtropical waters. Growing up to 6 meters in length and weighing up to 2 tonnes when fully grown, they are an imposing fish to encounter and very popular to cage dive with.’

Where is the best […]

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Unfamiliar is Scary

This I feel is much of the reason why people fear sharks. This is why Kathryn and I set up Friends for Sharks and why we took the route we did – educating people on what sharks are really like, to enable people to gain some familiarity with these incredible animals. Are they dangerous? Well […]

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Wanted: Scuba Diver Contributors

I have recently been appointed as the Managing Editor of a new online scuba diving magazine, The Scuba News New Zealand. I am thrilled to be joining the team and launching this regional edition of The Scuba News.

Do you have any press releases, offers, articles or blog posts from your dive business or club that […]

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World Tour for Sharks – The End!

So, this is it. We made it to the finish line and our World Tour for Sharks is officially over.

Complete. Done.

How is it possible that we even made it to this point? Mostly in one piece I would like to add; with just two hospital visits, two broken laptops, two broken cameras, four back injury […]

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Auckland Week Two: Farewell New Zealand

Our second week in Auckland focused on our school events and we enjoyed spending time with the students of Somerville, Silverdale and Bailey Road schools. It is always a pleasure to share our knowledge of sharks with children and the students at each of those schools were welcoming, attentive and interactive. We also enjoyed our […]

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Auckland Week One Done!

It has been a busy week of events in Auckland and we’ve really enjoyed presenting at dive clubs, Auckland Zoo and at a home school event.

Our first lecture was for Global Dive and this was a great start to our time in Auckland. We then went on to present for Auckland Zoo’s Friends of the […]

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Diving the Poor Knights

Our 66th Friends for Sharks event was at Dive! Tutukaka. They very generously offered to give us a day diving at New Zealand’s premier diving destination, the Poor Knights. This small cluster of islands sits approximately 15 miles (24 km) North East of Tutukaka in New Zealand’s Northland. The team at Dive! is extremely friendly, […]

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Hello from the top of New Zealand!

I had been really looking forward to visiting Northland after a cold winter travelling throughout New Zealand and it was as beautiful, warm and scenic as we had both hoped for. Our first stop was Tutukaka for a dive centre lecture at Dive Tutukaka. The event went well despite a technical hitch at the start […]

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Hold It!

Hold it…your breath that is.

Today I would like to share our favourite travelling game, The Breath Hold game. It is quite straightforward – you hold you breath whilst crossing any bridge. Simple and yet strangely addictive when you drive as many roads as we do.

We were introduced to this game by one of the employess […]

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Top 15 Alternative Places to Shout ‘View!’ in NZ

Our third guest article has been for Not Australia with our article Top 15 Alternative Places to Shout ‘View!’ in New Zealand. We really enjoyed revisiting our highlights of Aotearoa and it certainly reminded us of why we have applied for residency in New Zealand.


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