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Working for Cambodia

We spent 3 weeks with Projects Abroad in Cambodia and while they have had a marine conservation project in the region for a number of years, the current operation on Koh Sdach has only been running for a year. It takes a while for any such organisation to find its feet in a culture that […]

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World Tour for Sharks – The End!

So, this is it. We made it to the finish line and our World Tour for Sharks is officially over.

Complete. Done.

How is it possible that we even made it to this point? Mostly in one piece I would like to add; with just two hospital visits, two broken laptops, two broken cameras, four back injury […]

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Diving Cambodia

The waters off Cambodia are shallow and warm, with many rivers bringing nutrients to the Gulf of Thailand and creating ideal conditions for coral reefs to prosper. Intense fishing pressures from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have reduced what were probably huge fish populations though there is still much to interest SCUBA divers. With average annual […]

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Experiencing Cambodia

Spending 3 weeks with Projects Abroad on the Island of Koh Sdach at their marine conservation site may not sound like an opportunity to explore much of what Cambodia has to offer. Little could be further from the truth; so long as you allow yourself to try things.

First up was getting to the coast from […]

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Taking the message to town

The constant high heat and humidity can’t stop this awesome group of volunteers and staff at Projects Abroad Koh Sdach, Cambodia!

The high temperatures make working very difficult when the wind refuses to blow across our island or when we are torn away from our beloved electric fans. It is those days that the true character […]

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Rainforests of the Ocean

We have enjoyed another fantastic day on the tropical island of Koh Sdach with Projects Abroad, Cambodia. We spent the morning diving a nearby island with the volunteers, during which we focused on assisting a volunteer with her photography skills and Nicholas also removed some netting from a coral. The other volunteers were busy conducting […]

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Plastic Fantastic??

Our first few days on the remote island of Koh Sdach off the coast of Cambodia have been very interesting and insightful. We travelled many hours in a local and crowded minibus to reach this area, which is not often frequented by overseas visitors other than the volunteers and staff at the Projects Abroad base […]

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Projects Abroad & Friends for Sharks

Our destinations list has been updated on our website recently, as we have been invited to work alongside Projects Abroad in the latter part of 2015 at their marine conservation projects in Fiji, Thailand and Cambodia.


This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our Friends for Sharks work and help the volunteers and islanders […]

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